Wednesday, November 16, 2016

ChatterPix Stories

The students have been working book talks and retelling a story from the 
main characters point of view. 
We recorded these stories using an iPad app called Chatterpix, which they LOVED. 
Here are their stories!

Laura  "Clifford's Halloween"

 Dakota "Nice Try Tooth Fairy"

Korah "Arthur Tricks the Tooth Fairy"

 Madelin "Clifford's Happy Mother's Day"

Jerzi "One Hungry Cat"

Keaton "Aurthur's Birthday"

Alex "Snowball Soup"

Destiny "Top Cat"

Taylor "My Brother Ant"

Aaliyah "A Pet for Fly Guy"

Nora "Berenstain Bears Meet Santa Bear"

 Aiden"Sunday Outing"

Izzy "Berenstain Bears Lend a Helping Hand"

Beka "Berenstain Bears Too Much Teasing"

Autumn "Arthur Meets the President"

 Abby "Pete the Cat, Too Cool for School"

 Logan "Pete the Cat, Blow Snow, Blow!"